Four Steps To Help with Reading Nutrition labels
Nutrition labels help to tell you what is in the food you’re buying, but they can be quite tricky to navigate. When you’re trying to be mindful of what you’re consuming, the confusion nutrition labels bring can make it that much more difficult. So today, I want to share some tips to help you properly […]
I Got a Slimming Club Card and a Counting Fats Calculator for my 19th Birthday
The wonderful artist Bruce Springsteen sang in The River that he got a union card and a wedding coat for his birthday. For mine the wedding dress was very far away from my thoughts. Instead, for my 19th birthday, I got a Slimming Club card and a fats calculator. My weight, on the other hand, was always […]
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: It Does What It Says On The Tin
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – or CBT – what it is and what do I mean by ‘doing what it says on the tin’? Maybe something you have heard about, maybe someone you know said they found it helped with anxiety. But what is it, how long does it take, will you need to spend many […]
Myth Busting Wine O’Clock: Three Things You Need to Know
So, it’s Friday evening; it has been a long week and – oh my goodness – are you ready for that glass of wine? You bet! But, has Wine O’Clock become a treat or something you rely on? If you are considering making changes to what you drink, or how much you dring, perhaps changing […]